“When I think about what we could do to be healthier for our employees and our organization, this is it! With mindfulness, you see immediate results. It’s not quite like going to the gym to exercise. You try to go three to four times a week, and it can take a while to see results. With Mindfulness, you just need one or two exposures to feel better, which makes creating a new habit a little easier when you recognize the immediate personal benefit.

Moment Health’s approach easily integrates mindfulness into our day-to-day schedules. It’s very satisfying to realize that I don’t have to spend an hour a day meditating. I can be mindful and center myself while I’m on an airplane as we’re waiting on the runway for take-off – I know it can be done because I’ve done it! Just 10 minutes is what I need to get myself to a better place, and that’s a very satisfying feeling.”

I felt as if I’d been given this incredible gift and was deeply grateful that we’d had this moment in time together. This experience bonded our team together in a way we had not experienced before.” – JoAnne Reifsnyder, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Genesis HealthCare


“Mindfulness Be Here Now was so valuable, and I was really happy to have learned so much that I could apply so quickly to my day-to-day life, and then see the results. Dawn and her team have helped me find an attainable solution, and I’ve identified where I can apply mindfulness to my own personal development.

The Mindfulness Be Here Now program really was a wonderful experience; I came out wanting to learn. There were many benefits. First, I’m able to catch myself when my mind starts speeding ahead and reign in my worry or tension by focusing on my breathing.

Secondly, I absolutely find myself choosing to be in the moment more often. It’s a very powerful feeling and I can definitely see how mindfulness can be applied almost on a whim – that’s what’s so fabulous about the program…once you understand how to apply it to your own life it works!

Thirdly I now understand I have a choice as to how I manage my emotions and make decisions, and that’s a very powerful gift.” – Barbara Yody, Vice President Outcomes Management, Genesis Health


“The program was fantastic! Thank you for the great workshops. I heard many positive things from the staff members (and interns) that participated. I think it takes a special mindfulness program to make a teenage boy exclaim “that was so cool” without any prompting! I certainly felt the workshop led me to start my own mindfulness practice after experiencing the meditations and learning about the proven benefits.

Thanks so much to all of you for making this possible! It was a highlight of our summer.” — Laura Holway, Open Field Coordinator, Walker Art Center


“Dr. Dawn Bazarko was tremendously enlightening and encouraging about the role mindfulness plays in the health care setting. I felt so refreshed and energized physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and intellectually after taking part in Moment Health’s program.

Mindfulness is truly a holistic perspective and practice that is so important to utilize today more than ever! Society has become so focused on the art of multi-tasking and this program opened my eyes to the damage multi-tasking can do. Dr. Bazarko made me more in tune with how not living in the moment and giving 100% to the task we are currently engaged in can lead to a stressful state.

I have discovered being “mindful” brings about a calmer state and increases my productivity. Utilizing these practices daily will definitely strengthen my personal and professional life. Dr. Bazarko was an incredible facilitator/speaker.” — Lisa Johnson, Medical Operations, Quality Assurance Specialist, Logistics Health Incorporated


“Moment Health’s program is worth every minute and every dollar – – because you are not just showing employees that you care about them, but you are walking the talk and sharing with them ways that they can live healthier lives . . .

. . . Happy employees translate to happy customers. Happy customers mean better returns. This makes perfect business sense. Engaged employees deliver greater service for our customers.” – Salim Omar, Director, UnitedHealth Group


“If this can work for a call center which is challenging, it can work for anyone. If you have a team that is tied to the phones and you can get them for 45 minutes once a week for six weeks – it is extremely doable for anyone else. “The results are well worth the investment. These techniques are invaluable to reducing stress, increasing productivity and promoting a healthier lifestyle.” – James Thompson, Employee, UnitedHealth Group