Moment Health Programs

Moment Health recognizes that one size does not fit all. That’s why we work with your organization to build a customized solution that aligns with your organizational goals.

Moment Health’s programs are high touch and include:

  • Introductory mindfulness education sessions
    Onsite or via webinar, these seminars lay the foundation
    for mindfulness practice and its benefits
  • Core mindfulness programs
    Delivered onsite or virtually, typical programs run 6-8 weeks
    but may be customized to suit your organization’s needs
  • Mindfulness training programs
    These programs are for onsite champions and aspiring facilitators
  • Mindful Moments
    These are short exercises that can be used throughout the day
  • Community of practice and sustainment support
    Our efforts ensure your mindfulness practice continues
    to flourish and produce ongoing results

Moment Health high-touch programs span a wide range of organizational needs:

  • Mindful Organizations
  • Mindful Leaders 
  • Mindful Service Delivery
  • Mindful Care Delivery