Mindful Service Delivery

Mindful Service Delivery is designed to instill mindfulness in employees who interact directly with end consumers. Working in an often tightly scheduled environment such as a call center or on the retail floor, these employees require a more practical mindfulness approach. They need to lower workplace stress, improve resiliency and enhance the consumer experience.

This Mindful Service Delivery model incorporates:

  • A half-day introductory session delivered in person or via webinar. Sessions may be delivered across multiple shifts to ensure that all employees have an opportunity to participate. Multiple sessions minimize work disruption.
  • Mindful Moments, short exercises that can be used throughout the day. They are helpful even when employees are confined to a desk or cubicle or only have short breaks between customer calls.
  • Weekly drop-in sessions delivered via webinar that offer guided meditation opportunities.
  • Self-guided practice tools, including online meditations and exercises. They can reduce stress, increase calmness and focus attention.