Mindful Organizations

Moment Health’s Mindful Organizations program is our core solution designed to improve workforce health and performance. This program provides comprehensive mindfulness training that is easily integrated into existing health & wellness efforts.

Programs can be customized to meet your unique organizational goals. Program curriculum generally includes:

  • Introductory mindfulness kick-off sessions onsite or via webinar that provide a background on mindfulness and its scientifically proven benefits.
  • Mindfulness meditation training, delivered onsite or virtually. Typical programs span 6-8 weeks and expose employees to various mindfulness meditation exercises. They also show how to build an ongoing practice of mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness training programs for onsite champions and aspiring facilitators.
  • Community of practice support to ensure mindfulness practice is sustained long after training has ended.

Employees will have continued access to online tools and resources to help support their ongoing practice and maintain a culture of mindfulness.