About Us

Who We Are

Imagine a workplace filled with positive energy. Where communication and working relationships are optimized. Where challenging situations and distractions give way to focus and self-awareness. Imagine Moment Health.

Moment Health, a UnitedHealth Group business, offers customized and expert-led mindfulness programs to individuals, teams and organizations. Mindfulness, the practice of being fully present in each moment, has been scientifically proven to change the inner workings of the brain. It results in stress reduction, improved concentration, more effective communication and overall health improvement.

Contact us to experience the difference Moment Health and mindfulness practice can make in your organization.

Our Unique Approach

Formal Programs:
Learn and apply mindfulness

  • Experiential learning with a focus on application
  • Group-based delivered via web-conference
  • Population, Role or Condition focused (eg: stress, sleep, pain, weight management)

Digital Platform & Resources: 
Enable self-practice and sustainment

  • Optimized for web and mobile
  • Recorded on-demand content
  • Supportive learning community
  • Daily community meditation sessions
  • Interactive tools and guides

Demonstrate impact and value on investment

Communication & Events:
Build awareness and alignment