Develop Employee Resiliency & Emotional Wellbeing

78% of companies report stress as a top workforce risk issue.  

Moment Health is working to reverse this trend, offering training and tools to help employees integrate mindfulness into their lives and become more focused, innovative, resilient and productive as a result.

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The program design, materials, and coaches are of the highest quality.

— Government client

Programming is so popular we have exceeded our participation goals.

Healthcare client

Mindfulness as a Tool to Build Resiliency


Mindfulness, the practice of being fully present in each moment, has been scientifically proven to change the brain. It results in stress reduction, improved concentration, more effective communication and overall health improvement. Cultivating mindfulness offers many potential benefits:

  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism and burnout
  • Greater innovation and creativity
  • Enhanced organizational resiliency, communication and teamwork
  • A culture of connectedness, compassion and empathy, which in turn benefits the customers you serve

Mindfulness is a natural adjunct to your existing wellness programs. It also complements your internal initiatives toward a positive corporate culture.